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Should I buy pet insurance?

Unfortunately, pet insurance is often difficult to understand, and the quality of coverage varies by company. Here is a quick and accurate resource that compares different pet insurance companies that will provide valuable information to help protect your pets’ health.

Those of you not considering buying pet insurance could benefit greatly because pet insurance can provide coverage for vet bills, behavior therapies and wellness programs.

Pet insurance reviews

To treat or not to treat your pets?

Most pet owners love to spoil their four-legged kids, and an easy way to do it is with treats! Treats come in handy when trying to train that new puppy you just adopted and when you are rewarding your pets for being good. There are many things pet parents should know about treats, so they don’t make the pet they love overweight or sick.

How do I know I'm getting a professional pet sitter?

Ask for references and call them. Ask how long they have been in business and how much experience they have. Ask what organizations they are a member of. A professional pet sitter should have insurance or they are bonded. Do they have a web site? This will tell you a lot about the person you hire to take care of your four-legged family.